Upcoming Program:Wednesday 20 July 2016-Mujlis Shahadut of 6th Imam Jaffer Saadiq (A.S)-Molana Mustafa Moledina

On Wednesday 20th July 2016, There will be a Mujlis to commemorate the Shahadut Of Our 6th Imam Jaffer Saadiq (A.S). Program will begin with Recitation Of Sura Yaseen, Hadees-e-Kisa, Marsiya, Mujlis by respected Molana Mustafa Moledina, and Zyarut-e-Taboot, Followed by Maatum, concluding with Zyarut-e-Warisa.

All Momineen are requested to make Dua-e-Sehat for Our Dear Respected Br. Syed Waqar Hasan, Brother of respected Br. Syed Mukhtar Hassan. He is very ill and is in critical condition in Hospital.

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