Salamun Alaykum

As all you momineen know that from August 2017 the management of Imambargah Babul Hawaij has been changed. Since the administration has changed Alhamdulillah the Azaadare Hussain has shown great support and have been cooperative with the management which is the main reason that programs such as Eid-e-Ghadeer, the month of Muharram and other programs have been done successfully. The administration would like to help each and every one who helped, supported and cooperated with us in organizing those programs successfully. We hope you keep on supporting us in the future as well.

To facilitate the momineens, we are providing the information of our management with their roles and their phone numbers. So if you have any complaint or any feedback, you can contact the management freely.

Mr.Ghulam Ali, President, 438-872-7333

Mr.Rana Yousef, Vice President, 438-878-2390

Mr.Syed Mukhtar Hassan, General Secretary, 514-994-8366

Mr.Hammad Raza Shah, Finance Secretary, 514-794-1786

Mr.Syed Akhtar Ali, 514-758-0546, Joint Finance Secretary & Program In charge

Mr.Syed Khizer Husain, Nazar & Zari In charge, 514-462-9280

Mr.Mazhar Husain, Joint Zari & Nazar In charge, 514-573-7212

You can also contact them if you need to get any information regarding the nazar and niyaaz as well. We will be more than happy to help you if you have any question, complaint or a feedback.

We are very pleased to announce that anyone will be able to see the expenses and the income of the new management of Imambargah Babul hawaij from the last three months. It will be available to see from 5th of November 2017.

We are also planning to execute a General Body meeting in the month of November in which we will be taking your comments and feedback for the future programs and events.