Upcoming Program/s: Thursday January 8 2015,Saturday January 2015

On Thursday January 8 2015, There will be a Milaad to celebrate the Zahoor of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and a Regular Shub-e-Jumma Program. Program will begin at 19:30 with recitations of Hadees-e-Kisa,Dua-e-Kumail, and Sura Yaseen. Followed by Soz-o-Salam, Followed By Recitation Of Zyarut-e-Warisa. Niaz Will Be Served Thereafter.

On Saturday January 2015, There will be a Jushn to Celebrate the Zahoor Of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). Milaad will begin at 19:30 with Recitations Of Hadees-e-Kisa , Dua-e-Kumail, and Sura Yaseeen. Followed by Soz-o-Salam, and Milaad will be recited by Respected Molana Anayat Ali Shakir (Toronto).Followed by Zyarut-e-Warisa. Niaz will be served thereafter.

Mehfil-e-Maqaasida Program to celebrate Eid-e-Zehra (SA) at Tandoor Et Grille Restaurant South Shore

On Sunday January 4 2014, there will be a Mehfil-e-Maqaasida Program to Celebrate Eid-e-Zehra (A.S) at
4817 Taschereau Blvd, Greenfield Park, PQ

There is a cover charge of 15$/person

Please contact Br. Syed Ali Abbas Hasanie, (514)-578-1342
Br.Syed Saleem Akbar Shah, (514)-578-1342

Program will begin at 18:00, Attendees include Famous Poets Syed Akhter Asif Zaidi(Toronto), Syed Rashid Naqvi (Ottawa), Molana Syed Ijmal Asghar Naqvi and more …